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LaMoure County Pubic Health

LaMoure County Pubic Health
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LaMoure County Public Health Department (LCHD) was established in 1998.  LaMoure County was one of the last counties in North Dakota to form a county health department.  Thanks to Tony and Lesile Hanson, the efforts of Sharon Grammont and senate bill 2045 of 1999, LCHD is here to serve the health of citizens in LaMoure County. The mission of the LaMoure County Health Department is to protect and enhance the health and safety of all LaMoure County residents and our vision is to be committed to creating healthier communities in which we live.

LCHD employs three fulltime & three part-time staff: Darcy Klever, Business Manager; Beth DelaBarre, PFS Grant Coordinator; Jessica Duffy, RN Director of Nursing; Stacee Sandness, RN; Jackie Ketterling, RN and Tony Hanson, Administrator. LCHD is governed by the LaMoure County Health Board and consists of Bruce Klein, Lee Miller, Keith Heidinger, Victor Weigel, Bob Flath and Ashley Kottsick.

LCHD provides several programs to the county such as:  Immunizations for all ages including the new shingles vaccine.  School Nursing services for Marion, Edgeley, Kulm and LaMoure.  Nursing Health Maintenance which includes medication set ups, nail cares, home visits and vital signs. Wellness screenings for adults that includes a cholesterol check, blood pressure and depression screening. Health Tracks screenings for children with referrals to appropriate providers.  Environmental Health services are provided in conjunction with Central Valley Health District. Tobacco prevention program for the county promoting tobacco free environments and assisting with obtaining cessation services through ND Quits.  LCHD also works with grants from state and federal government to improve health and safety of the county. The most current grant that LCHD is working with is called Partnership for Success (PFS). LaMoure County was identified as a high need for intervention to reduce underage drinking and the detrimental effects it can have on youth. This is a four-year grant that started in 2016 and is currently being managed by Beth DelaBarre.

The County Health nurses travel to Kulm, Edgeley, Dickey and Marion to provide services on a regular basis. Office hours are 8:30-5:00 p.m. and they are located in the First State Mall of LaMoure. If you or a loved one could utilize any of the services provided by LCHD, please call 701-883-5356.

The LaMoure County Health Department appreciates the support of the county communities and is grateful for the opportunity to prevent illness, promote health and protect the friends, families and neighbors of LaMoure County.

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