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It shall be unlawful for any person to commence excavation for or construction of any building or structure, or structural changes in any existing building or structure without first obtaining a building permit. The cost for a building permit is $10.00.

The following are deemed to be structural changes or changes requiring a building permit:

  • Permanent fencing
  • Addition, removal or relocation of a wall or walls
  • Addition of a room or rooms to an existing structure
  • Addition of a fireplace, central air, pool, hot tub, or deck
  • Changing from one type of heating system to another type
  • Replacing on type of siding with another type (Example: replacing wood siding with steel siding)
  • Replacing windows or doors with a different size of window or door than those being replaced.

The following are not deemed to be structural changes requiring a building permit:

  • Replacement of existing fixtures with fixtures of the same kind, such as furnaces, sinks, cupboards, appliances, light fixtures, etc.
  • Painting and re-shingling

Any permit issued pursuant to these provisions shall expire two (2) years from the date of issuance.

No work shall start until the application is approved by the council. Council meets the second Monday of each month.

Permits are to be turned in to the City Auditor with proper fees paid at least one week prior to the council meeting.



Each application for a game of chance permit needs to be submitted to the City Auditor and approved by the Council. The Council meets the second Monday of each month.

If the application is approved, a permit number will be issued and the application given back to the applicant. A copy is kept on file at the Civic Center.

A Permit is required for any game that requires exchange of money for an equal chance to win a prize.

The cost for a game of chance permit is $10 for a one-time drawing and $25 for a sports pool type of drawing or more than one drawing.



Utility bill can now be processed automatically. Utility bills will be processed on the same schedule as they currently are, they will be created and mailed out on or about the 25th of the current billing month. The automatic payments will be withdrawn on the due date of the 20th of the following month. There is no fee for this process.

ACH Form for UB Payment