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2021 April Minutes

The City Council met at 5:30 pm at the Bank North Mall with the following members present: Mayor Willey and Council:  Hoggarth, Watkins, Sandness, Nogosek and Pedersen; employees Haugen, Schaffer and Hanson, Engineer Reber & newspaper Hagebock.   Councilwoman Gentzkow and Attorney Radermacher via conference call.  Visitors: Kent Peterson

Mayor Willey called the meeting to order.

Minutes:  Pedersen moved to approve March minutes.  Sandness seconded.  Polled vote: all yes.  Motion carried.  Hoggarth moved to approve the March Special Meeting minutes.  Pedersen seconded.  Polled vote: all yes.

Financial:  Hoggarth moved, Gentzkow second to accept financial reports as presented.  Polled vote: all yes.  Motion carried

Bills for April:    Watkins moved, Gentzkow second to pay bills as presented. Polled vote: all yes.  Motion carried.

Visitor Comments:  Kent Peterson presented a letter protesting the water tower assessments.   Engineer Reber explained the Special Assessment Committees philosophy in determining the assessment valuations.  The parcel data used was from the county parcel data.  Mr. Peterson asked what does the NDCC say about special assessments?  Reber explained that the Century Code states that assessments are split based on benefits to the property.  The commission met and deemed this split appropriate.  There were multiple opportunities to protest if Mr. Peterson or any other citizen felt they were unfairly assessed.  No one attended the meetings to protest.  The assessment was then certified.  Attorney Radermacher stated that the NDCC leaves a lot of discretion in the amounts.  And that once the assessment is certified there is no way to reverse.  The process to determine assessments is very detailed and leaves multiple opportunities for protest.  The time for protest is over.

Mr. Peterson left the meeting.

Committee Updates:  Lora Tischer has accepted the position of dumpground attendant again this year.  The dumpground will open this Saturday.  Hoggarth made a motion to increase Tischer’s salary to $15/hour.  Gentzkow second.  Polled vote: all yes.

Engineer Report:   A payment of $25250.17 is due to the contractor for the manhole installation.  Watkins moved to pay, Pedersen second.  Polled vote: all yes.

Public Works:  Schaffer presented bids for lawn mowers.  Pedersen moved to purchase the tractor bid by Green Iron Equipment.  Sandness second.  Polled vote: Hoggarth abstained.  Pedersen, Gentzkow, Watkins, Sandness and Nogosek: yes.  Motion carried.

One bid for the mosquito fogger was received.  The issue was tabled to check with the lake board if they could use it.

Legal Matters:  Radermacher continues to work on the lift station at the grocery store.


Gaming & Building Permits:  American Legion gaming permit.  Gentzkow moved. Watkins second to approve.  Polled vote: all yes.

Gary DelaBarre: fence -denied until have clearer idea of where property line is.

Dominic Hanson: fence – approved as long as the fence is outside of the 20 ft city right of way.  Hoggarth moved, Pedersen second.  Polled vote: all yes.  Motion carried

Vince Watkins: shed – Hoggarth moved and Pedersen second to approve.  Polled vote: Hoggarth, Gentzkow, Nogosek, Sandness and Pedersen yes.  Watkins abstained.

Donnell Walstead: awning – Hoggarth moved to approve, Pedersen second.  Polled vote: all yes.  Motion carried.

Joel Hage: addition of garage and breezeway – Pedersen moved to approve, Gentzkow second.  Polled vote: all yes. Motion carried.

Police Report:  There were 18 calls for service.



Meeting adjourned at 7:28 pm.