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April 2023 Minutes

The LaMoure City Council met on Monday, April 11, 2023 at 5:30 pm.   Present were Clint Hoggarth, Lori Gentzkow, Stuart Good, Greg Pedersen, Steve Sandness, Vince Watkins, Brad Nogosek, Dominic Hanson, Heath Schaffer, Art Hagebock, Bob Flath, Brandon Reber, Blane Robert, Monte Clausson, Gina Haugen.  Also present via conference call Kim Radermacher.

Meeting was called to order.

Minutes from March meeting:   Nogosek moved to approve.  Gentzkow second.  Polled vote: all yes.                      Financial Report: Pedersen moved to approve. Sandness second.  Polled vote: all yes.                                                          Bills: Gentzkow moved to approve. Pedersen second.  Polled vote: all yes.

Visitors: Blane Roberts reported from the LaMoure Airport Authority.  He stated that they were approved for two grants this past year, the work is in progress on each of those.  Robert left the meeting at this time.

Engineers Update:  Meeting with surety and contractor was held.  They have a plan to make the water tower meet the requirements of their contract.  Electronic water meters were discussed.  The committee will meet with vendor to determine plan.

Monte Clausson was present with concerns on flooding at his property.  The engineer showed various elevations at this location and potential actions were discussed.  Clausson left the meeting at this time.

Mayor Hoggarth signed a Flood Declaration this morning.  Gentzkow made a motion to confirm the flood declaration as presented.  Watkins second.  Polled vote: all yes.  The city will get sand and sandbags to be ready, may set up a location where citizens can self-serve sand bags.

Legal matters:  Quit Claim Deeds are being executed on the Center Avenue properties.  Pedersen moved to place bids on removal of the buildings currently at those locations.  Sandness second.  Polled vote: all yes.  Motion passed.  Court date of May 11, 2023 is set for the eviction hearing for tenant at 101 South Main Street, Radermacher will have them served at the time required by law.

Committees:  Mayor Hoggarth asked that the dump ground committee develop a pricing structure for the removal of buildings to be disposed of at the dump ground.

Public Works:  Need to talk with the county on the truck route plan.  Mayor Hoggarth commended the street crew on a job well done during this very difficult snow and winter season.

New Business:  Pedersen presented information on The Main Street Initiative.  Pedersen made a motion to approve the Proclamation for LaMoure to become a Main Street City as well as the action plan.  Watkins moved to approve.  Polled vote: all yes.  Motion passed.

Permits:  The Lazy Pair- off- site for May 11, 2023 at Bank North Mall for Ladies Night Out.  Gentzkow moved to approved, Good second.  Polled vote: all yes.  Motion passed.

Other:  LaMoure is again a Tree City USA.  There will be an Arbor Day celebration and planting of a tree.  The Mayor commended Gina Haugen on her Visionary Award through the Leadership Training Program and thanked her for continued dedication to learning and improving our community.

Meeting was adjourned at 6:45 pm.

April 2023 Bills  
Heath Schaffer           299.27
Dakota Dust-Tex           124.50
James Valley Sand & Gravel           390.00
Central Business Systems             84.00
LaMoure Chronicle           254.16
Green Iron           360.00
L&S Worrel Trucking           180.00
DRN           537.81
ND DEQ           105.00
LaMoure Parts Center             29.07
Verizon           274.99
SE Water Users     10,416.53
Riteway           411.58
LaMoure Credit Union           397.18
Starion Bond Services     33,780.00
Good Oil        3,704.10
Ottertail Power Co        4,847.79
Gina Haugen           454.24
USPS           201.60
Waste Management        6,936.73
LaMoure Foods             50.63
Dakota Valley Electric             47.00
AT&T           221.52
LaMoure JDA        5,071.78
LaMoure Parks        1,744.57
NDPERS        7,192.07
NDPERS           230.00
NDPERS        2,897.93
EFTPS       4,501.29
Salaries     15,663.72