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February 2024 Minutes

The LaMoure City Council met on Tuesday, February 13 at 5:30 pm at the City Council room.  Present were Clint Hoggarth, Lori Gentzkow, Trigg Baker, Stuart Good, Greg Pedersen, Brad Nogosek, Vince Watkins, Art Hagebock, Bob Flath, Heath Schaffer, Dominic Hanson.  Brandon Reber joined via conference call.


Meeting called to order at 5:30 pm

Minutes:  Pedersen moved to approve the presented minutes.  Gentzkow seconded.  Polled vote: all yes.

Financial Report:  Watkins moved to approve.  Pedersen second.  Polled vote: all yes.

Bills:  Gentzkow moved to approve bills presented. Baker second.  Polled vote: all yes.

Engineers Report:  Reber received a third-party report and the plan to move forward on the tank.  The engineer is still reviewing and has questions.  The Mayor and auditor are meeting with our lawyer to discuss our next step.

Legal Matters:

Committee Updates:  Bellin property to purchase from the county contingent on the county removing property taxes.  Nogosek moved to approve, Pedersen second.  Polled vote: all yes.

Police Report: 16 calls for service.  Police vehicle has been ordered should be delivered this summer.

Permits: -Miranda requested a variance for the higher sidewalls on his proposed building.  Watkins moved to approve.  Baker second.  Polled vote: all yes.  Motion passed.

Other:  Election is coming up this June.  The city has 3 city council positions and 2 park board positions.


February 2024 Bills
Verizon        235.43
Nd Dept of Health            50.00
B&K Murphy         628.75
SE Water Users    16,512.16
WSI         298.26
One Call            34.75
Hi-Way Servicenter            60.00
LaMoure Parts Center         432.64
Dakota Valley Electric         189.00
Sweeney Controls Co         540.00
Dakota Dust-Tex         102.65
D&B Portables         145.00
LaMoure Hardware         325.56
Good Oil         292.00
DRN         456.30
LaMoure Foods            15.78
LaMoure Chronicle            93.45
Waste Management      2,134.41
ND DEQ         166.83
Verizon            40.01
LaMoure Credit  Union         611.79
Ottertail      5,006.49
ITD            16.20
Core & Main         188.24
LaMoure Co Treasurer      1,748.91
LaMoure Drug Store            16.49
Bank of ND      9,187.50
NDSU         125.00
MFOA            40.00
ND Tax Commissioner            37.40
Job Service of ND              7.18
Recycling Center of ND    15,931.80
AFLAC         285.40
USPS         212.00
NDPERS      8,272.42
NDPERS         230.00
NDPERS      2,862.73
EFTPS      4,080.98
Salaries    15,455.82



Meeting adjourned at 5:52 pm.