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2021 July Minutes

LaMoure City Council met on July 12, 2021 at 5:30 in the city council room.  Present: Mayor Kevin Willey, Clint Hoggarth, Greg Pedersen, Brad Nogosek.  Others present: Heath Schaffer, Dominic Hanson, Art Hagebock, Jim Quinlan, Del Kindlespire, Darlene Swointek, Bruce Huber, Lexi Nogosek.  On the conference line: Brandon Reber, Kim Radermacher, Vince Watkins and Steve Sandness

Meeting called to order at 5:30 pm

Moved by Nogosek, seconded by Hoggarth to approve council minutes.  Polled vote: all yes.                         Moved by Hoggarth, seconded by Pedersen to approve financial statement.  Polled vote: all yes.                   Move by Nogosek, seconded by Pedersen to approve bills. Polled vote: all yes.

Engineers Report:  The water tank project is moving forward.  Plan for the second pour on Friday, July 16.  They are on track to have the new tower running the first week in August.  Reber presented payment application 4 for Meyer Contracting, Inc for $206,769.96.  Pedersen moved to pay, Nogosek second.  Polled vote: all yes.

Reber also presented payment application #2 for Naastad Bros in the amount of $155,025.31.  Hoggarth moved to approve the payment, Pedersen second.  Polled vote: all yes.

Reber presented an invoice for Moore Engineering for work done for the water tower in the amount of $39,872.94.  Pedersen moved to approve payment, Hoggarth second.  Polled vote: all yes.

Lori Gentzkow joined the meeting at this time.

Visitors: Jim Quinlan presented a Petition to Vacate Streets to the City Council.  The petition requests to vacate Hill Street located between Lot 4, Block 45 Northern Pacific Addition and Lot 3, Block 44 Northern Pacific Addition in the City of LaMoure. And 1st Street Northeast between Lot 4, Block 45 Northern Pacific Addition and Lot 3, Block 44 North Pacific Addition of the City of LaMoure.  Quinlan states they will put an easement in place for emergency personnel to access the area.  Radermacher read the Century Code on the process to vacate streets.  Hoggarth states he has no objection to the 1st St NE vacate, but prefers to keep Hill Street and issue a variance to Quinlan to build into the right of way up to the street.  Pedersen moved to approve the petition, to which Radermacher stated that the only action that can be taken at this time is to find the petition in proper order to move forward to publish and hold a public hearing.  Pedersen amended his motion to find the petition in proper order to move forward as Radermacher stated.  Sandness second to the motion.  Polled vote: Watkins, Nogosek, Pedersen, Sandness. Gentzkow – yes. Voting no was Hoggarth.

Quinlan, Swointek, Huber, Lexi Nogosek and Kindlespire left the meeting at this time.

Bob Flath was present to talk about Twin Lake, dry conditions this season have helped to alleviate some issues.  The lake is down 6 inches giving it current storage of 3.5 feet.  The State Water Commission has a report online that lays out the effects if the lake rises again.  The city should be aware of these effects and have a plan should they need it.

Legal Matters:  Need to close on the hardware store lift station and get the easement in place.

Public Works:  Council previously approved to add clay to dike at a cost of $14,000.  This work will move forward.  Gentzkow moved to approve dust control to be done on 6th street east from Highway 13 to the Gentzkow property at a cost of $2,000.  Pedersen second.  Polled vote: all yes.

Snow removal contracts were discussed.  Schaffer will research options to present at the August meeting.  Ron Paul has completed his certifications and his wage increase will go into effect.

Old Business:  The old civic center was discussed.  After discussion, it was decided to put the building up for bids.

Mower bids were opened.  There were two bids.  Hoggarth moved to accept Grant Baker, Jr’s bid of $2050 for the mower.  Pedersen second.  Polled vote: all yes.

Police Report:  There were 25 calls for service.

Other: Hoggarth inquired about notices going out to properties for clean up.

Meeting was adjourned at 6:48 pm.

July 2021 Bills  
Waste Management 6835.63  
Newman Signs 341.50  
Bank of ND 24.79  
Waste Management 1403.89  
LaMoure Drug Store 18.61  
Green Iron Equipment 57.58  
Dust Tex 167.40  
Banyon Data Systems 2580.00  
SE Water Users 12422.78  
LaMoure Parts Center 234.18  
Builders Mart 8.50  
ND League of Cities 30  
Harmsen’s Greenhouse 335.60  
Hample Excavation 630.00  
Team Lab 275.50  
Central Business System 86.25  
Core & Main 288.02  
ND Dept of Health 128.00  
DRN 524.16  
LaMoure Chronicle 163.83  
Good Oil 163.04  
Ottertail 2877.75  
LaMoure Credit Union 352.9  
NDIRF 1538.00  
DVE 5833.34  
LaMoure Pool 688.64  
LaMoure Hardware 478.51  
LaMoure JDA 5164.80  
LFD 309.50  
D&B Portables 100.00  
AT&T     206.04  
NDPERS  5,382.79  
NDPERS     230.00  
NDPERS  2,093.40  
EFTPS   3,067.82
Salaries 13,307.08