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2021 May Minutes

City Council Meeting                                                                  May 10, 2021

The City Council met at 5:30 pm at the new city office building with the following members present: Mayor Willey and Council: Watkins, Sandness, Nogosek and Pedersen; employees Haugen, Schaffer and Hanson, Engineers Reber & Gludt & newspaper Hagebock.   Council member Hoggarth and Attorney Radermacher via conference call.  Visitors: Tracy Good, Wendi Larson, Katie Kramer

Mayor Willey called the meeting to order.

Minutes:  Nogosek moved to approve April minutes.  Pedersen seconded.  Polled vote: all yes.  Motion carried.

Financial:  Pedersen moved, Watkins second to accept financial reports as presented.  Polled vote: all yes.  Motion carried

Bills for May:    Hoggarth moved, Pedersen second to pay bills as presented. Polled vote: all yes.  Motion carried.

Visitor Comments:  Tracy Good and Wendi Larson representing the LaMoure Chamber Retailers handed out a proposal for the use of the CARES Act money that the city received.  The proposal is a two-part plan to improve economic conditions to the citizens and businesses of LaMoure.  Part one is a certificate of LaMoure CARES Bucks to be sent out to all water accounts in the city.  The second is a rebate program for purchases made within a certain time.  This program benefits the citizens and the businesses in LaMoure.  The city has received $50,000 in CARES Act money.  Watkins moved to approve the use of $40,000 of this money for the program the Chamber has proposed.  Nogosek seconded.  Polled vote: all yes.  Motion carried.  Good and Larson left the meeting at this time.

Katie Kramer presented a report on the Park Boards proposal for new swimming pool.  The pool liner is beyond repair for this season and the board is researching options.  The architect believes that some money can be saved by utilizing the current building.
Kramer left the meeting at this time.

Engineer Report:   Both contractors are currently working on the water tower project.  The intersection on 1st street and first avenue has bee looked at to see what can be done to eliminate the buildup of water and ice.  No action taken at this time.

Gentzkow joined the meeting.

Committee Updates:  Clean up week was discussed.  The Mayor feels that it should not be done that it is just an additional expense to the city.  Hoggarth would like to see the city do two weekends in which citizens can utilized the dump for free.  This benefit would be only for citizens and a limit to the number of dumpsters provided can help to control the cost.  Watkins recommended longer hours on those two days.  Pedersen moved to have clean up days in which LaMoure citizens can use the dump services for no cost.  Dates to be determined, hours to be extended to 9-5.  Will publish acceptable items with a 4 dumpster limit. Hoggarth seconded.  Polled vote: all yes.  Motion carried.

Personnel Committee: tried to meet to discuss the two interviews for the public works position, were unable to do so do to scheduling conflicts.  Schaffer made a recommendation to offer the position to Ron Paul.  His starting pay will be $17.00 per hour with an increase of $0.25 for each certification to be given when all certifications are completed.  Watkins made a motion to hire Ron Paul for the position at $17.00 per hour.  Pedersen second.  Polled vote. Watkins, Hoggarth, Pedersen, Nogosek and Sandness- yes.  Gentzkow – no.  Motion carried.

The civic center building was discussed.  Options for moving forward include selling the building as is or piecing out the building.  No action was taken at this time.

New Business:  Pedersen moved to designate The LaMoure Chronicle as the official newspaper.  Gentzkow seconded the motion.  Polled vote: all yes.  Motion carried.

Gaming & Building Permits:

-Roger Nelson – shed and deck. Watkins moved to approve, Pedersen second.  Polled vote: all yes.                                                                                                                         -LaMoure Park Sidewalks and walking paths – Watkins moved to approve. Nogosek second.  Polled vote. Pedersen abstained, yes from Nogosek, Watkins, Gentzkow, Sandness and Hoggarth.  Motion carried.

Police Report:  There were 15 calls to service.  Chief Hanson is now car seat certified and will do a check up day soon.  The new computer has been installed in the patrol car.  Choice Bank is sponsoring the ice cream tokens for wearing bike helmets.





Meeting adjourned at 6.54 pm.

May 2021 Bills    
LaMoure County      1,613.50 LaMoure Co. Recorder 20.00
The Home Shop         261.65 Service Master 327.50
Hample Excavation         125.00 One Call 22.80
Sanitation Products      1,559.96 LaMoure Hardware 346.04
SE Water Users    17,823.57 Bobcat 510.67
Verizon         431.13 Waste Management 6835.63
Dakota Dust-Tex         111.60 Bank of North Dakota 18.13
LaMoure Parts Center            19.70 LaMoure Printing 8.60
Computer Express      1,884.00 Waste Management 643.04
LaMoure Chronicle            74.25 AT&T 167.97
DRN         189.28 NDPERS 5378.98
Ottertail Power      4,280.01 NDPERS 230.00
LaMoure Co Hwy Dept         393.75 NDPERS 2033.46
Verizon            80.02 EFTPS 3857.00
Dakota Valley Electric      5,333.00 Salaries 14868.26
LaMoure Credit Union         388.21 D&B Portables 100.00
Moore Engineering      4,584.63 LaMoure Foods 18.18
Dominic Hanson         203.55 Gina Haugen 184.00