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February 2021 Minutes

City Council Meeting                                                                  February 7, 2020

The City Council met at 5:30 pm at the Emergency Center with the following members present: Mayor Willey and Council: Gentzkow, Hoggarth, Nogosek, Watkins, Sandness, and Pedersen; employees Haugen, Schaffer and Hanson, Engineer Reber & newspaper Hagebock.

Mayor Willey called the meeting to order.

Minutes:  Pedersen moved to approve January minutes.  Watkins seconded.  Polled vote: all yes.  Motion carried

Financial:  Gentzkow moved, Pedersen second to accept financial reports as presented.  Polled vote: all yes.  Motion carried

Bills for January:    Gentzkow moved Hoggarth second to pay bills as presented. Polled vote: all yes.  Motion carried.

Engineer Report:   The manhole is in production.  Should be installed by the end of the month. Contractor submitted a bid for an aluminum roof instead of the concrete for a savings of $31,000.  Council decided not to make the change.

Committee Updates:  Personnel committee met on finding help for the street department.  They presented 3 options: 1) Add a part time temporary person from April -October.  2)  Add a part time person all year.  3) Hire a full-time person.  Discussion included whether the expense is worth the cost of a full-time employee plus benefits and how to cover when Schaffer is gone. Suggested action: Schaffer to meet with Willey.  Schaffer to create a list of responsibilities for a second person.

Public Works:  6 highway lights have been replaced.  There are 12 remaining.  The city gets a price break of $60.  Gentzkow moved to replace the remaining highway lights.  Watkins second.  Polled vote: all yes.  Motion carried.

Old Business:  City Office:  Discussion on the city hall continues. An architect is scheduled to come and look at the grocery store and civic center to give us a professional opinion.

Building Permit:  Monte Clausson for a grain bin patio.  Pedersen moved to approve, Sandness second.  Polled vote: all yes.  Motion carried.

Farm Girl Floral: storage shed – Watkins moved to approve, Hoggarth second.  Polled vote: all yes.  Motion Carried.

Police Report:  There were 20 calls for service.  The new taser has arrived, the car is repaired, car camera is installed and body cam is backordered.  Policy manual has been submitted and approved by the POST Board.

Meeting adjourned at 6:15 pm.