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May 2020 Minutes

City Council Meeting                                                                  May 11, 2020

The City Council met at 5:28 pm on conference call with the following members present: Mayor Willey and Council: Gentzkow, Hoggarth, Watkins, Arndt, Matzke, Nogosek, Attorney Radermacher, Engineer Reber, newspaper Hagebock Employees present: Schaffer and Haugen. Guests: Monte Clauson

Minutes:  Gentzkow moved, Hoggarth second to approve April meeting minutes, April Tax Equalization minutes and March Special Meeting minutes. Polled vote: all yes

Financial:  Watkins moved, Gentzkow second to accept financial reports as presented.  Polled vote: all yes

Bills for April:  Gentzkow moved, Hoggarth second to approve bills as presented. Polled vote: all yes

Visitor Remarks:  Monte Clausson asked for dust control to be laid on the truck bypass road.  He also stated that the speed limit sign was hidden and that he felt there should be more speed limit signs placed on that road.  Schaffer will bring back pricing for dust control and law enforcement will be asked to patrol that road along with the Twin Lake road on the east of town.

Engineer Report:  Land acquisition for the water tower is complete.  At the June council meeting, a commission will need to be appointed and bids will be awarded

Committee Updates:   Public Works: Schaffer requested a second employee be added to the public works department.  The matter was referred to the Personnel Committee for further evaluation.

Old Business: 

-Watkins moved that The LaMoure Chronicle is designated as the official newspaper for the city of LaMoure.  Hoggarth seconded.  Polled vote: all yes

          -Property cleanup letters have been sent and will be followed up with on the deadlines.  

Legal Matters:  Work is being done to complete the water tower project.

New Business: 

          -A citizen concern was raised about homeowners parking on or across sidewalks in town.  The city will communicate with individuals and communicate the ordinances regarding this issue.

Building Permits: 

  – Monte Clausson-fence. Gentzkow moved, Hoggarth second, Polled vote: all yes

   -Chris Rodin – deck Hoggarth moved, Watkins second to approve.  Polled vote: all yes

   -Dahlstrom Funeral Home – pitched roof on the funeral home. Gentzkow moved, Watkins second to approve. Polled vote: all yes

   -Brittney Muske – fence. Gentzkow moved, Hoggarth second. Polled vote: all yes

   -Jordan Shockman- fence – Hoggarth moved, Gentzkow second on the condition that the fence is a minimum of 5 feet from property lines on the north, south and alley.  Polled vote: all yes.

   -Quanbeck – Steel siding – Watkins moved, Hoggarth second.  Polled vote: all yes

   -Grace Daugherty- back porch – Gentzkow moved, Matzke second.  Polled vote: all yes.

   -Ryan Indergaard- fence.  Matzke moved, Watkins second.  Polled vote: all yes.

   -Little Loboes Daycare- Nogosek moved, Watkins second.  Polled vote: all yes.

Gaming Permit:

   – Knight’s of Columbus- sports pool.  Hoggarth moved.  Gentzkow second. Polled vote: all yes


          -Brian Day from the USDA commented on the lagoon and that it was the most aesthetically pleasing he had seen and commended Schaffer for his work on it.

Meeting adjourned at 7:07 pm