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June 2022 Minutes

The LaMoure City Council met on Monday June 13, 2022 at 5:30 pm in the City Council Room.  Present was Mayor Willey, Council members: Greg Pedersen, Brad Nogosek, Lori Gentzkow, Clint Hoggarth and Vince Watkins.  Also present: Ron Paul, Art Hagebock, Dominic Hanson, Brandon Reber, Monte Clausson, and Gina Haugen.   Attending via video Chris McShane.

Mayor called the meeting to order at 5:30 pm.

Minutes from regular and special meetings: Pederson moved to approve.  Hoggarth second.  Polled vote: all yes.                                                                                                                                                      Financial Report: Gentzkow moved to approve.  Pedersen second.  Polled vote: all yes.                                                                                                                                                                                          Bills: Hoggarth moved to approve.  Gentzkow second.  Polled vote: all yes.                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Councilman Hoggarth moved to approve the Auditor’s Bond application in the amount of $1,000,000.00.  Pedersen second.  Polled vote: all yes.  Motion passed.

Visitors: Monte Clausson attended and asked about dust control on the truck route on the west side of town.  The Mayro stated that the city is inquiring about the product used last year, but have not yet received pricing and availability information.  Clausson also asked about follow up on the flooding issue discussed at the May meeting.  Engineer Reber stated that Moore Engineering can set up a survey for approximately $4,000 to determine the exact path of water in that area.  The council approved the survey.   Clausson left the meeting at this time.

Engineer Report:  Tank project: Reber had presented a fix to the leaking tower that Meyer Contracting has proposed.  Moore Engineering believes that this fix will meet the criteria set forth in the contract.   Reber discussed a question that arose from the special meeting about whether the contractor would provide a 5-year extended warranty on the tank if the city agreed to their current fix proposal.  He stated that they would not extend the warranty.  The contractor stated that this is a standard industry fix for this issue and that by using this product they are meeting their original contractual obligations.  At this time, it is believed that Meyer Contracting will move forward with this solution.  They will be required to have a third party inspect and approve the work.

Public Works:  Paul asked permission to put the old sander and sweeper up for bids.  He also discussed alleys with bushes that need to be trimmed due to limited visibility at those corners.  Chief Hanson will contact the homeowners to discuss the issue.

New Business:  Hoggarth commented that he has talked with Larry Harmsen about the hanging flower baskets along the highway.  Larry does not have anyone to water the flowers this year and the van previously used is broken down.  Hoggarth talked with Rock Nielson and he would be willing to water the flowers, Larry will provide the tank and pump, we still need a trailer to haul the water.  The Mayor asked if we needed the flowers and that there was an issue with the state DOT last year that Larry hadn’t fixed.  The council will look for a trailer and work with Harmsen’s to hang the flowers.

Permits:  Shake, Battle & Roll Organizers: Raffle – Gentzkow moved to approve, Nogosek second.  Polled vote: all yes.  Nick & Judy Meisch – remove house – Watkins moved, Hoggarth second to approve.  Polled vote: all yes.                            Trevor & Sheila Wendel  –  roofing  –  Hoggarth moved, Pedersen second to approve.  Polled vote: all yes.                             Trevor Wendel & Brady Wendel – garage roofing –  Gentzkow moved, Hoggarth second to approve.  Polled vote: all yes.  Lazy Pair – offsite permit Alumni Banquet- Gentzkow moved, Pedersen second to approve.  Polled vote: all yes.

Police – 12 calls for service.  Active Shooter Training is coming up.  The county received a grant to pay for the training and the hotel and have been gracious including Chief Hanson in the training.  He asked if they city would be willing to cover the mileage to the training.    He stated that he has been patrolling the lake and has not had any major issues so far this season.

Meeting adjourned at 6:45 pm.

June 2022 Bills
Dakota Dust-Tex         185.00
Waste Management         839.37
Waste Management      7,047.62
D&B Portables         100.00
LaMoure Credit Union         482.80
LaMoure Drug Store              9.99
LaMoure Parts Center         179.46
ND DEQ            50.00
Hometown Electric      2,189.76
Ottertail            33.33
Verizon            40.01
Southeast Water Users      9,306.82
Verizon         234.54
Builder’s Mart         787.50
Team Lab      1,559.00
DRN         526.54
LaMoure Chronicle         327.71
Core & Main         178.19
Good Oil            89.14
LaMoure Foods            17.18
One Call              5.20
Green Iron         141.99
AgriValley Insurance      1,692.00
Dakota Valley Service         236.51
Ottertail      4,193.12
LaMoure Hardware            67.89
Chemistry Lab         158.88
D. Venture         375.00
ND Dept of Health Lab            16.00
Dakota Valley Electric      5,333.34
LaMoure Parks      1,829.76
LaMoure Airport            61.42
LaMoure Public Library         106.97
AT&T         197.04
LaMoure JDA      6,034.64
NDPERS      7,192.07
NDPERS         230.00
NDPERS      2,511.68
EFTPS      3,750.22
Salaries    17,609.24