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March 2022 Minutes

LaMoure City Council Minutes

Monday, March 14, 2022 @ 5:30 PM @ City Council Room

Present was Mayor Kevin Willey. Council Members: Greg Pedersen, Steve Sandness, Lori Gentzkow, Clint Hoggarth, Brad Nogosek and Vince Watkins. Also present were Hath Schaffer, Brandon Reber, Art Hagebock, Judy Meisch, Dominic Hanson, Bob Flath, Kelli Isaacson, and Hope Coleman. Attending via conference call LaMoure City Attorney Kim Radermacher.

Mayor Willey called the meeting to order.

Gentzkow moved to approve the minutes. Nogosek second. Polled vote: all yes. Hoggarth moved to approve the financials. Sandness second. Polled vote: all yes. Watkins moved to approve the months bills. Gentzkow second. Polled vote: all yes.

Visitors Comments: LaMoure Park Board Members Hope Coleman and Kelli Isaacson. The proposed Swimming Pool was discussed. Coleman mentioned that the pool estimates range from 1.8-2.5 million without a bathhouse. The Park Boar is looking for some kind of financial commitment from the city. The 1% sales tax money for the Emergency Center will expire in December which would generate about $90,000 per year. Kim explained that once the EC is paid for, there would have to be a new allocation with a first and second reading. Kim suggested we look at the Home Rule Charter along with the City Ordinance. Watkins mentioned that a 1.5 million dollar loan at 3.5% interest for 30 years would have an annual payment of $81,000. Mayor Willey will call another meeting once they get some more information.

Judy Meisch came to talk about the proposed Community Center. The renovation project will have to be $200,000 or under in order to eliminate an architect. The LCDC has agreed to commit to $75,000 towards the project. Sales Tax money was also discussed for this project. Mayor Willey suggested we discuss the Sales Tax Money allocations at a special meeting.

Judy Meisch also discussed the 4 twin homes across from the E.C. The homes were built 16 years ago with a cost of $525,000. At the present time the loan balance is $390,642. The original goal was to sell them at the end of 10 years. At the present time, the homes are property tax free and if they are sold to a private sector, they would go on the tax rolls. Judy representing the LaMoure Housing Authority was looking for a little direction. Nothing was decided at this time.

Engineers Report: Update on the Water Tower Project: Meyer Contracting suggested that recoating of the inside of the tower would last over 50 years and to be re-evaluated after 20 years. If there is a tear-down and reconstruction, there would have to be a lawyer present from Ohnstad/Twitchell. Kim suggested we contact the ND Insurance Reserve Fund with information about maybe them furnishing us with legal advice. At our next meeting Brandon will suggest 3 options. Brandon also discussed the State Water Commission and the 2 year Flood Control Plan. He also mentioned the City of LaMoure has a 2% chance of flooding this spring.

Legal Matters: The easement at the north end of town need signatures. We also had the 2nd reading of the Back Flow Ordinance. Hoggarth moved to accept the 2nd reading and Gentzkow 2nd the motion. Polled vote: all yes.

Public Works Update: This summer, Schaffer suggested we have a Sludge Test done on our 3 Lagoons. The Lift Station at the grocery store will run until it quits and then will be updated. Different Empty Lots in town were discussed for Snow Removal.

Raffle Permit from LaMoure Lion’s Club: Gentzkow moved to approve and Sandness 2nd the motion. Polld vote: all yes except with Pedersen abstaining.

Police Report: Chief Hanson presented the council with a proposed bid for a new Police Dept. Vehicle. The council decided to put it on hold for now. The County Sheriffs Dept has received a grant for a seminar on Active Shooter Training. With a shortage of county officers, they have asked Chief Hanson to join them. This training will be July 26-27. Chief Hanson also reported that the ND National Guard is gathering non-used equipment to send to the Ukraine. Chief Hanson will send 3 vests.

After no further business, the meeting was adjourned.


March 2022 Bills

DRN           527.48
LaMoure Chronicle           201.66
Dust-Tex           112.60
Dakota Valley Services           285.65
Bobcat           245.03
Verizon           254.29
Grotberg Electric       2,247.72
SE Water Users       9,793.97
Builders Mart           354.45
Verizon             40.01
Good Oil           115.60
Zac Thielges      1,500.00
Graham Tire Aberdeen           289.48
LaMoure Foods             30.05
Ottertail       6,527.74
LaMoure Co Hwy Dept           105.00
Dakota Valley Electric           150.00
Waste Management       6,842.35
Bank of ND       7,850.00
Bank of ND       1,962.50
Linde Gas & Electric           203.15
Dakota Valley Electric       5,333.34
LaMoure Parks       2,597.92
LaMoure Airport       1,148.63
LaMoure Public Library       2,001.35
AT&T           193.73
LaMoure JDA       9,093.71
NDPERS       7,192.07
NDPERS           230.00
NDPERS       3,026.72
EFTPS        4,736.31
Salaries       6,334.33