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October 2022 Special Meeting Minutes

The LaMoure City Council met for a special meeting on Monday, October 13, 2022.  Present were Clint Hoggarth, Vince Watkins, Lori Gentzkow, Stuart Good, Art Hagebock, Bob Flath, Gina Haugen.  Also present via conference call Brad Nogosek.

Mayor Hoggarth called the meeting to order at 7:30 pm.  He stated that he called the meeting to discuss the city taking over the two buildings located on center avenue and agree to pay for half the cost of the removal and disposal of the two buildings in order to make that location more attractive to the county commissioners for the construction of a new building to house LaMoure County Public Health.  It is estimated the cost to remove the buildings will be $80,000-$100,000.    Discussion continued and included the topics of how to pay for the project, and what happens with the special assessments attached to the property.  There was also discussion on the financial impact of this project and what responsibility the city has for economic development in the city of LaMoure.  It was suggested that the city also meet with LCDC to discuss further action.  No action was taken at this time.


Meeting was adjourned at 7:24 pm.