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Tax Equalization 2022

Board of Tax Equalization                                                                                                       

 April 11, 2022


The Board of Equalization convened at the LaMoure City Office with the following members present: Mayor Willey and council members Vince Watkins, Clint Hoggarth, Brad Nogosek, Greg Pedersen and Steve Sandness, LaMoure County Tax Director Denice Porter and Deputy Tax Director Naomi Walker, County Commissioner Bob Flath and City Auditor Gina Haugen. Visitors: Hope Coleman, Kelli Isaacson, Heath Schaffer and Dominic Hanson.

Mayor Willey called the meeting to order at 5: 30pm.

Assessor Fees:  Porter presented an invoice for assessor fees and advertising costs.  She stated that the number of parcels was decreased to752 due to parcels being combined.  2021 total is 752 parcels.  Cost is 2.00 per parcel and advertising in newspapers is 43.50 for a total of 1547.50

Watkins moved, Pedersen second to approve payment as presented.  Polled vote, all yes. Motion carried.

Increase in tax valuations:   Porter reported that there were five increase to valuation in LaMoure.

Porter stated that if there are any questions, responses or additional inquiries they can be directed to her via phone call, email or mail.

Meeting adjourned at 5:37 pm.